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A successful website needs a comprehensive SEO strategy. This also includes off-page tactics and every seasoned webmaster knows that they are key to a website’s success this is why most have an off-page seo checklist close at hand.

Many webmasters are looking at clean code, quality content, meaningful internal links, and all these “under the hood” parameters in search engine optimization. But more important still, are the off page seo techniques. They bring your page forward, ranking on the first page of Google.

What is off-page SEO anyway?

It refers to all external strategies that a webmaster pursues to improve the rankings of a webpage – that is, anything that does not take place directly on your site, but is influenced by third parties. This includes, for example, link building.

We all know that Google changes it’s algorithm often, so let’s review the latest trends in off-page SEO services.

Here’s the 2019 checklist:

Guest Blogging

Link building works in many ways. One way to get backlinks to your site is to write guest articles in online magazines and blogs that are relevant to your subject. Through guest articles, you can also strengthen your reputation and position yourself as an expert in your field.

3 easy steps to make it work:

1. Research pages that have great relevance and authority in your industry. Also, look at what pages your competitors might already be active on.

2. Contact them.

3. Start writing.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is huge. And with it, the possibilities of marketing grow. Almost everyone today has a social media account, so effective social media marketing campaigns can significantly increase traffic to your company’s website.

A strong presence on social media sites also makes the company more attractive and makes it easier for customers to find them. It’s also a way to get free advertising because users often like or share something that can increase your ranking even further.

Social bookmarking

This may not be as popular as it used to be in the past, but it’s still a great way to make visitors aware of a website. Many agencies still offer it as one of the standard off-page SEO services. Social bookmarking involves listing links in a network to generate more traffic to your website.

Then anyone who has access to this network can search for links that relate to the keyword they are using. It’s similar to the personal bookmarking, but on a collective level.

Link Building

Most off-page SEO services include link building. Why? simply because it’s the most efficient way to achieve great rankings faster.

Essentially, it’s about building external links to your website. It’s probably the most popular of all off page seo techniques. With high-quality links, you will increase the quality of your website and the amount of traffic as well.

If you have solid information on your website (that others like to mention) it’s like free marketing. If someone recommends your website on another website, that’s one way to tell search engines that the page has good information and deserves a vote of trust.

Become a thought leader

This tip is aimed in the same direction as guest blogging but goes one step further. Achieve expert status in your industry! You can do this, for example, if you appear as a speaker at relevant events or participate in discussions (such as on Twitter or Linkedin) with well-founded speeches and ideas.

This increases your public trust and the chances that you will be interviewed as an expert or asked for a recommendation in a roundup article. Such articles are a gold mine for backlinks.

It works the other way around too: If you collect opinions from experts for a post, they will be happy to share the article, giving you social signals and backlinks.

Want to get more backlinks? Create sharable content, bait them!

High-quality content is a prerequisite for getting helpful backlinks – that much should be clear to webmasters by now. Your content should be sharable in terms of content and technology. Make sure you:

  • offer your readers added value
  • write killer headlines
  • use social sharing buttons
  • use “Click-to-Tweet” features
  • share content in social networks and encourages interaction

Watch the competition

Wherever your competitors get backlinks and mentions from, you can do it too. Especially if you are better than the competition. Various backlink tools not only help you keep track of your own backlink profile, but also allow you to run a competitor analysis. Please note that many off-page SEO services agencies use this strategy to increase the rankgins of their clients.

Build relationships

If you want site owners to link to you, it can never hurt to maintain a good professional relationship with important piers. Interact with industry experts online, share and build relationships. Then it will be much easier to pitch your content and get backlinks or social shares.

That’s just as important for working with influencers – and they do not always have to be celebrities. For every niche, there is also a blogger, Youtuber or Instagrammer with an interested audience.

Off-page SEO services

Simply put, if you want to break your competitors and get ahead, you need to start investing in off-page SEO services. This is the most straight forward way to gain traffic and increase your earnings.

Always focus on getting more links. These “votes” of trust tell Google that your website deserves to rank high and above your competitors.


An important difference between on-page and off-page SEO is who does the work. On-page SEO usually relies on your skills, while off-page SEO makes use of more resources and often needs the involvement of other people. Off-page SEO is much harder for you to control because it relies on other website owners and platforms.

That means they can delete some hard-earned backlinks or even block some of your accounts if they change their strategies. However, since off-page SEO tactics can be harder to do and more time-consuming, they are often the best way to stand out from the competition.

Off-page SEO is increasingly relying on social media managers or even public relations (PR) teams. Off- page SEO implementation skills are now much more focused on traditional PR teams. It’s sometimes referred to as digital PR.

Rest assured, by using the above off-page seo checklist you are well on your way to ranking high in Google and the other important search engines.


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