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Website as an effective sales channel needs more than aesthetic design. It needs to focus on excellent customer experience,  which begins before the person has even opened the website. Therefore, we are determined to provide a full solution that starts with SEO, and offers an effective sales tool as the final product.

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If your website is not present in Google, it means that your business is basically non-existent. We know it, the people know it. Revive your business!

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UX/UI Design

It takes approximately 3 seconds for the customer to make a first impression. This means that the user experience has to be top-notch; otherwise, it's the competitor who ends up with a sale.

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Web Dev & Design​

Not only should a webpage be your digital business card but it should be an efficient sales channel. With thorough research & planning, we can develop the website so it would maximize its purpose.

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Presence in social networks increases the credibility from the client perspective. However, this is only the case if and only if there exists relevant information. Furthermore, it helps to boost your SEO as social shares have an impact on the so-called “SEO score”.

Of course, quality content is one of the most important factors that determine the ranking in search engines. In addition, the quality should not be just relevant and high-quality but also recent. Hence, it is a good idea to produce evergreen content or update it after a while.

No, this one of the most-common misconceptions about SEO. The ranking process in SEO is heavily dependent on the keyword difficult – it might be the case that easier keyword could be ranked in just a few months, while a difficult keyword 6-8 months, or even a year.

It has been found out that 95% of people searching in Google do not go beyond the first page. This means that if your page is not properly optimized, you will lose a big amount of potential clients.

Let’s say that we manage to get your site ranked from page  2 to page 1.


  • Impressions increase by 2000
  • CTR of last result of first page is 3% (Google CTR)
  • low conversion rate of 5%. (According to Search Engine Journal, SEO leads have 14.6% conversion rate.)
  • your service costs 1000€

This means that your monthly revenue would increase by 2000*3%*5%*1000€=3000€

Often it seems that it is easier going the fastest route, and picking SEM instead of SEO. Nevertheless, we believe that one should focus on the long-term strategy. 

Some reasons why you should consider SEO:

  • People trust organic listings more – PPC is often seen by people as advertising so they often skip it and proceed to organic results.
  • Variety – compared to PPC, SEO has a significant effect and generates traffic in many search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.)
  • Longevity – PPC requires constant analysis and investment (i.e.as soon as you stop the campaign the traffic stops). This is not the case with SEO. Even though search engines are constantly updating their ranking algorithms, you will still continue getting traffic from potential customers.

First, it is advisable to conduct a SEO audit – there are hundreds of free tools available in Internet for this. This helps to get a quick overview what are the strengths and weaknesses of your site. For example, if you find out that your titles are not correctly optimized, you should try to find out the most relevant keywords of the page and connect them with the Title.

Yes, of course. As we have mentioned, different aspects (UX, SEO, Web Development) have to be researched thoroughly, and then used interdependently to maximize the value-added by your website. Therefore, we are more than happy if we can manage all of the elements in order to guarantee the best result

It is hard to give an answer to such a questions since once again, this is really dependent on the website and the keywords to-be-ranked. For a smaller competition industry/geographic area, the SEO prices can be around 1000€ per month whereas for more difficult websites 3000-4000€ per month.

Also, the usual SEO contract is with the minimum length of 6 months, since getting the website ranked takes usually at least 3-5 months.

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