January 26, 2022
4 min
E-waybills Logistics

Find out how Waybiller makes freight truly paperless for countless industries – from quarries to harbours

Using paper-waybills is a massive waste of paper and time. Each shipment requires several copies of waybills, which have to be filled out manually and later entered into a spreadsheet or accounting software. E-waybills make this process faster, safer and greener. Find out how Waybiller makes freight truly paperless for countless industries from quarries to...
January 12, 2022
3 min
E-waybills Logistics

4 reasons to choose Waybiller for hauling timber

Waybiller software helps digitally manage waybills in companies of all sizes and sectors – from quarries to ports to agriculture, Waybiller makes freight paperless, more sustainable and more efficient. Recently, Waybiller was integrated with the timber e-waybill software of Estonian Forest and Wood Industries Association. Find out how Waybiller can help make timber transport more...
January 12, 2022
4 min
Case Studies

The Port of Kunda digitized vehicle scales

In the Port of Kunda, there is a 24-hour autonomous weighing with digitized car scales. Overview  The Port of Kunda is an active regional cargo port in the Gulf of Finland, on the southern coast of the Gulf of Kunda between Cape Toolse and Ulluneeme. Since February 2019, Kunda Sadam AS has been performing cargo...
October 25, 2021
4 min

Eesti Killustik saves time and money by digitalising quarries

With digitalised data transmission in quarries and E-waybills, Eesti Killustik can now provide its customers with a paperless and efficient experience Overview In cooperation with Waybiller and Thorgate, Eesti Killustik automated data transmission in all their quarries. Eesti Killustik is an Estonia based mining company engaged in the extraction of mineral resources and the production...
June 7, 2021
2 min

How Waybiller is bringing together Norwegian investments and Estonian tech to make logistics paperless

Estonian logistics startup, Waybiller recently announced that they have raised €500.000 in funding to make transport truly paperless. Interestingly, the backing came from Norwegian angel investors Espen Getz Harstad (Outline Ventures) and Nicklas Haslestad besides Estonia-based Thorgate Ventures and Vestman Energia. In addition to half a million in funding, Waybiller has also been able to...
May 4, 2021
3 min

Waybiller Pricing – How to Make the Right Choice?

Waybiller has been helping leading transport companies all over Estonia to make the process of generating and managing waybills as cost and time efficient as possible. Companies that use Waybiller already have their handling costs up to three to four times lower, administration much faster and less delivery and reception discrepancies. By moving to an...

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