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Increase your rankings, traffic, profit - easy as that

Increase your rankings

We help your website appear higher in organic searches that relate to the services or products provided by you.

Get more visitors

This translates to higher organic traffic that obtains what it is searching for - i.e. service that you offer the best.

Skyrocket your business

With an optimized website, you can lock in more clients. Thus, you can skyrocket your revenue, and consequently earn more profit.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your website’s structure and content. This is done in to achieve better visibility in organic rankings, so, for example, if you are offering a roofing service, your website would come up for searches relating to roofing contractors. As the organic search is free, it is usually one of the most cost-effective ways to improve exposure to potential clients and hence drive the success of a company. 

In short, SEO services are usually offered as packages but these can be separated to 3 bigger categories:

  • technical SEO  – optimizing website for crawling and indexing phase, i.e. improving the infrastructure of the website
  • on-page SEO – making sure your keywords, content, and its structure is optimized so your company would appear when specific search term is used
  • off-page SEO – this is related to increasing your website authority from the perspective of search engines such as Google
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    How could SEO help your business?

    Having a finance background, I like to approach things using numbers. So, first of all, let us dig into SEO statistics. 

    SEO statistics

    Organic traffic conversion differs from industry to industry; nevertheless, on average SEO leads have a 14.6% conversion rate (Search Engine Journal Stats). The first page in Google gets 91.5% of the results, which means if you are on page 5-6, you have close to zero chance of addressing new potential customers. Think about yourself… how often do you go beyond page 1? An analysis based on 5 million google search results found out that on average moving 1 spot increases CTR 30.8% (Backlinko). Of course, this is dependent on the current positions, but it still offers a rough guideline. 

    Let’s talk about money

    Suppose your current traffic is around 500 users per month. Based on the aforementioned figures, we are able to increase your keyword ranking by 1 position, which should increase the traffic to around ~650 users. With the SEO conversion rate of 14.6%, this means ~22 new customers every month.

    If your product costs €100, this translates into additional revenue of 2200€ every month. With a SEO service cost of €1000, this is a ROI of 220%!

    Lastly, it is important to keep in mind that in our hypothetical scenario, we considered only 1 search engine, 1 keyword, increase of 1 position. With an integrated set of different SEO activities, you can be sure that different keywords, search engines are affected. Furthermore, if done properly the positions increase by a lot more.

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    Work flow that guarantees success

    Our working Process


    Firstly, we will conduct a detailed SEO analysis that helps to outline issues; furthermore, it serves as a basis for the SEO strategy. For example, we will take a look at crawlability, deleted/unreachable pages, code structure, page speed, metadata, URL structure, etc.)

    Keywords are the formations of words/phrases that people use to find certain types of information in search engines. We use different SEO tools to analyze and determine the best suitable keywords – i.e. that minimize the trade-off and offer the sweetest spot between high search volume, competition. Furthermore, we make sure that the keywords convey the correct intent.
    First, we determine the general keywords related to your product or service and use that a base for generating long-tail combinations. These combinations will be analyzed according to different KPIs such as keyword difficulty, search volume, etc. This in-depth process not only results in obtaining an increase in traffic but also more qualified search traffic, which is more likely to make a transaction and increase your revenue.

    After a long test-period, we have put together a freelance team of expert copywriters that (re)write your current content – this way, the benefit from SEO is the biggest. Furthermore, we will focus on new content creation for a prespecified target audience. These content pieces are written in a simple, user-friendly tone, with a minimum of 1000 words including different types of media.

    Even though the content is extremely important, it serves no worth without a proper technical system backing it. Thus, based on SEO audit, we will implement structural changes, improve site load speed, optimize metadata and content as suggested by the keyword research.

    Last part, off-page SEO might not be that important compared to on-page and technical SEO but site authority still has been marked as one of the most important ranking factors. Therefore, new pieces of content will be written by our copywriters that are posted to relevant blogs that relate to your niche. Firstly, this helps to drive additional traffic, create brand awareness. Secondly, as your website is linked to other authority sites, Google and other search engines think your website offers relevant information, and hence you will be rewarded with higher website’s authority as well.

    Lets answer the most common questions

    Ask Us Anything

    How much does your SEO service cost?

    It is hard to give an answer to such questions since this is dependent on the website and the keywords to-be-ranked. For a smaller competition industry & geographic area, SEO prices can be around 500-1000€ per month while for more difficult websites 3000-4000€ per month.
    Also, a usual SEO contract is with the minimum length of 5-6 months since getting the website ranked takes usually at least 3-5 months.

    Do you offer guarantee of 1st rank in Google?

    No, we don’t! This is a good way to distinguish professional SEO service providers from shady ones. Several SEO companies have started to offer the guarantee for achieving the 1st place – however, this can be done with random keywords that do not add value for your business. It is a sophisticated process of selecting the most accurate keywords that reflect the user intent, which consequently makes them order your service.

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    Presence in social networks increases your credibility from the client perspective. However, this is only the case if, and only if there exists relevant information. Furthermore, it helps to boost your SEO as social shares have an impact on the so-called SEO score.

    Of course, quality content is one of the most important factors that determine the ranking in search engines. In addition, the content should not be just relevant and high-quality but also recent. Hence, it is a good idea to produce evergreen content or update it after a while.

    No, this one of the most common misconceptions about SEO. The ranking process in SEO is heavily dependent on the keyword difficulty – it might be the case that easier keyword could be ranked in just a few months, while a difficult keyword 6-8 months, or even a year.

    Often it seems that it is easier taking the fastest route and picking SEM/PPC instead of SEO. Nevertheless, we believe that one should focus on the long-term strategy over myopia. 

    Some reasons why you should consider SEO:

    • People trust organic listings more – PPC is often seen by people as advertising so they often skip it, and proceed to organic results.
    • Variety – compared to PPC, SEO has a significant effect and generates traffic in many search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.)
    • Longevity – PPC requires constant analysis and investment ( soon as you stop the campaign the traffic stops). This is not the case with SEO. Even though search engines are constantly updating their ranking algorithms, you will still continue getting traffic from potential customers.

    First, it is advisable to conduct an SEO audit – there are hundreds of free tools available on the Internet for this. By the way, you can get one from us – fill in the form above. This helps to get a quick overview of what are the strengths and weaknesses of your site. For example, if you find out that your titles are not correctly optimized, you should try to find out the most relevant keywords of the page and connect them with the Title.

    What else do we offer

    Other Digital services

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    Even though our services are long-term oriented, search engine marketing is a great way to obtain targeted traffic quickly. Furthermore, it enables to narrow down and reach your specified audience. Besides, as SEM can be turned on & off quickly, it is a great for testing. Let's boost your traffic now!

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    UX/UI Design

    It takes approximately 3 seconds for the customer to make a first impression. This means that the user experience has to be top-notch; otherwise, it's the competitor who ends up with a sale.

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    Web Dev & Design​

    Not only should a webpage be your digital business card but it should be an efficient sales channel. With thorough research & planning, we can develop the website so it would maximize its purpose.

    Do You Want To Boost Your Business?

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