What is technical SEO?

Basic SEO Overview

When looking at search engine optimization (SEO) it can typically be broken down into just a few basic parts that go into ranking a website. These macro factors of SEO include keyword research, on-page SEO, off-page SEO. Keyword research and off and other forms of market research that gives the website its path of action and a target for SEO or to point the campaign in a general direction for the ultimate outcome of ranking for selected keywords with people and customers who are actively searching for them.

Another macro element of SEO is on-page optimization which is the process of changing elements on the website that help the search engine understand what the website is actually about. On-page SEO includes adding content and target keywords into the content as well as placing target keywords with search volume into strategic places on the website where needed.

Off-page SEO is another macro component of SEO that helps the website to build authority as well as serve as a means for the search engine to get an idea of what the website is about as well as location of the website or business that owns the website. A few example of off-page optimization include building backlinks which pass authority from one website to another and many times are a point of reference that links back to content and other online properties. Other examples of off page SEO include local website citations for local businesses and social signals which are simply social profiles that like and share website content and articles with other people.

What Is Technical SEO Optimization And Why Is It Important?

Technical SEO is a more in-depth look at website and an SEO campaign and really getting into what makes the website tick and identify specific reason why an existing website may not be ranking highly in the search engine and also what is the best in-depth plan of action for a new website that is just starting to implement optimization. The previous paragraph on search engine optimization is an overview of the SEO process but it is only the surface layer of SEO and does not check all of the boxes that may help or prevent a website from ranking in the search engine. However, it is important to note that SEO and technical search engine optimizations are not mutually exclusive from one another but instead they are one in the same and intertwined with each other with technical SEO diving in deeper to these previous references of macro SEO components of keyword research, on page SEO, and off page SEO as well overall site structure.




What Does It Mean To Actually Implement Technical SEO & what are some technical SEO factors?

Technical SEO goes much deeper on the actual website structure and what comprises the website and how the website functions. Here are some key essential of technical SEO factors that regard website structure include:

  • Site Speed
  • Manage your indexing

Site Speed

Site speed is becoming ever prevalent in Google. Here are a few things to keep in mind regarding implementing site speed and why it is important.

  • We are now in a mobile first index, with mobile searches only increasing this now means that the result served up on your phone or mobile device is also what is served up on your desktop search.
  • So basically you need your website to be fast.
  • If you have a fast website you don’t necessarily get a bonus however if your website is slow it can greatly hold you back cause your website to be filtered out of the mobile index.

Here is the 80/20 of technical SEO checklist making your website fast

  • Pre-size your images before you upload them and utilize wordpress or other platforms to shrink the sizes of the images
  • Reduce HTTP request
  • Upgrade your Host
  • Move to content delivered Network (CDN)
  • Leverage caching
  • Minimize plugins
If you are using WordPress, you might want to read our blog post on WordPress plugins that help to complete the checklist.

Technical SEO Indexing Checklist

  • Google assigns a crawl budget on authority
  • Exceed your crawl budget; main pages might not get crawled

Don’t index:

  • Author pages
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Media

International Technical SEO

In many cases International websites can have issues with international technical SEO and it is very important that the website be set up in a proper way that they function and work with the search engine to benefit the website. The issue that regularly occurs with international and large website is that they can have page that get indexed and optimized in the wrong way rendering them far less effective than they could be.

Here is a couple ways a website can be international:

  1. Multi language
  2. Multi country

Multi Language – Sites that target speakers of multiple languages are considered multilingual websites. These sites should add an hreflang tag to show Google that your page has copy for another language.

Multi Counrty – Sites that target audiences in multiple countries are called multi-regional websites and they should choose a URL structure that makes it easy to target their domain or pages to specific countries. This can include the use of a country code top level domain (ccTLD) such as “.ca” for Canada, or a generic top-level domain (gTLD) with a country-specific subfolder such as “example.com/ca” for Canada.


Why Would You Want To Implement Technical SEO

These are just a couple examples of technical SEO but why would you want to implement technical SEO? Usually what a technical SEO person does is ensure that the website is compatible with the search engine guidelines, and can be indexed and ranked for key search phrases effectively. They make sure nothing is broken on your website, they are crawling the website on a regular basis to make sure that everything is in the correct spot.  They monitor the website to make sure once you begin to revise traffic that it doesn’t totally disappear because of negligence or failure to set the website up in a way that is ideal for Google and Google’s guidelines. In addition, technical SEO will ensure that you are ahead of the curve which means making sure your website is on HTTPS and that it is secure or that it is up to date with the latest version necessary for SEO success.

Need help getting your page indexed?

As the name says technical SEO can sometimes be too technical and become overwhelming. If you feel that you need help from a professional, contact us, and let’s construct a strategy to get your page to the top!




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